November 8, 2023

“Powerful keynote”
“Great presentation” 
“Exciting keynote”
“Thought provoking stuff, eloquently presented.”
“Really impressed”
“Wonderful keynote”

Such a blast to deliver a keynote on what London could be like in 2050 last night at HERE EAST!

Some interesting stats:

🌆 By 2050 nearly 80% of the world’s population is expected to live in cities.

🌎 It’s estimated that the temperature in London will have increased by around 3°C with wetter winters and hotter summers.

🚇 38% of city could be heated by rerouting heat from the underground system.

🌱 Today 18% of London is covered in greenery. The Mayor aims to increase biodiversity to make that 50% by 2050 to reduce overheating by adding moisture to the air. 

Really enjoyed a fascinating panel by Jimmy McLoughlin OBEPru Ashby, and Sandeep Arora – it was great to meet you all!

& a huge Thank You to Gavin PooleAndrew RoughanHelen FisherOlivia Woollam and Seven Hills for having me and making it such a seamless and inspiring event!

Also big thanks to Stacia PfeifferMichael DaCosta BabbMatthew Maxwell for coming to support! & Great to meet so many new and interesting people!

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