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A favourite speaker across industries, she has spoken at 100+ conferences in 20+ countries. Sharing her energy and enthusiasm, Amelia has a talent for making the complex accessible. She empowers audiences with the knowledge, context, and language they need to make strategic decisions today that will lead to the best possible outcomes tomorrow. Covering emerging opportunities - as well as risks - of AI, spatial computing, XR, data, Web 3.0, quantum and more, her talks aim to leave audiences feeling inspired, with actionable insights they can immediately apply.

All keynotes are customised to industry and audience.

Current topics include:

AI Transformation & the Future of Work

Generative AI is the biggest disruption to business since the internet. This
keynote shares insights into how AI is reshaping traditional models and jobs,
emerging opportunities, as well as potential risks.

Leadership in the Age of AI

How leaders handle AI transformation today will dictate how employees - and
customers - perceive your brand and business tomorrow. This keynote shares
insights and strategies on the evolution of leadership and management in the
age of AI.

AI Ethics, Geopolitics, & Society

New technologies bring new opportunities - and new dangers - many have never considered. Until now. From human and data risks to the future of politics and equality, this is a conversation that can't wait.

Emerging Technologies & the Future of Business

From the future of AI and the spatial internet, to blockchain and quantum
computing, no matter what area you work in, emerging technologies are
disrupting your industry. This keynote shares insights into what’s hype, what’s
not, and how you can prepare today for a bright future ahead.

Technology & Sustainability

Amelia’s popular TEDx Talk dared to ask, ‘Is the Metaverse Bad for the
Environment?’. Now she has turned her attention to the environmental impact of AI, as well as emerging breakthroughs in green tech. This keynote shares insights into potential futures, as well as strategies for sustainability.

Future of Customer Experience

Human connection is at the heart of business. New technologies are facilitating
advancements in how we engage, communicate, and connect. Amelia shares the latest trends and technologies altering the future of the customer experience, and how businesses can not only survive but thrive in the years to come.


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