October 27, 2023

Really enjoyed speaking at Zetes‘ Global Supply Chain Summit on “AI & the Future of Supply Chain” at this beautiful venue in Madrid!

Some #funfacts for your Friday:

💰 McKinsey reports that integrating Generative AI into supply chain could reduce costs by approx. 15%

🍔 U.S. food retail industry loses $15-20 billion annually due to out-of-stock, damaged, or unsellable items. AI can help to prevent that, potentially turning those loses into profit

🤖 Over the next year it’s predicted that between 80-130 million AI queries and tasks will be performed every hour in enterprise in the US alone  

🏭 By combining Computer Vision with Generative AI we will be able to interact with environments as if it was an employee with superpowers

Thank you to Sandra FranchittiGraham JonesPierre Lambert, and the entire Zetes team for a fabulous event!

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