May 31, 2024

Such a joy to share my latest research & insights on the impact of hashtag#AI on hashtag#manufacturing, materials, and of course – the hashtag#FutureofWork – at Valmet‘s terrific event in Karlstad, Sweden! 🇸🇪

Big thanks to Katarina Ahsberg, Monica Sturegren, Petri Rasinmäki, Samppa Ahmaniemi, & Anders Björn for making it such a wonderful event! 👏

Great to meet you Jenny Lahti, Kurt Adams, Gianfranco Agnusdei, Mikko Talonen, Federica Moretti, Chuck Stewart, Massimo Grandi, Giuseppe Alberti, and so many more (would love to stay in touch)! 😊

Also big thanks to Martin Holm-Knudsen, Henrik Kjerside Poulsen, & the team at A-Speakers 🙏🏼

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