December 6, 2023

Last week I had the privilege to speak in Vilnius, Lithuania at the ES+U conference sharing my insights on emerging opportunities and risks.

Wonderful to meet some amazing people in the huge audience that ranged from government officials to entrepreneurs and students.

Thanks for the great feedback!

“A captivating talk… Amelia’s reminder echoes loud and clear: the future isn’t some distant horizon; it’s happening now. Let’s arm ourselves with knowledge, make strategic choices, and create a powerful impact today!”

“The highlight of the conference.”

“Your talk was absolutely incredible and truly inspiring! It sparked a flood of ideas and thoughts for me. Thank you for being a source of inspiration and motivation.”

“Fantastic futuristic insights.”

“Very inspiring and thought-provoking speech!” “

Thank you for a great speech! One of the most interesting I’ve heard definitely.”

“I look forward to working with you again.”

“It was truly enlightening to listen to Amelia’s speech at the recent conference. Her forward-thinking insights and deep understanding of future trends are not only impressive but also surpass the conventional perspectives of today’s world. Her speech was not just informative but a genuine pleasure to listen to. Her ability to articulate complex ideas with clarity and vision is remarkable.”

Thank you @esminiaipokyciai!